Shoulder Sleeve (Single)

£6.99 GBR

Like most products at Frv tailoring, these shoulder sleeve are a current need of the serving soldier.

These are ideal for keeping cables, antennas and water hoses snug and out the way of your neck. They are also brilliant for stowing excess cable out the way but ready for fast deployment.

Compatible with the current issue STV (virtus) ballistic collar, they come with hook velcro on the inside to join with the loop on the under side of the shoulder strap. On the outside of the sleeve is a strip of loop Velcro to correctly index the ballistic collar.

  • 12.5cm length ideal for the virtus STV
  • Multicam version is compatible with the current issue ballistic collar
  • Multicam and black colour options
  • Ideal for keeping things snug and away from your neck
  • Sold individually

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