Search & Rescue Harness (Polymer buckles)

£399.99 GBR

The Urban Assault Harness has been built from the ground up to provide any K9 maximum comfort while working in the most harsh environments.

The harness comes in two interchangeable parts, the back panel and the breast panel.


Back panel-

-Comes as standard and is one size fits all.  

-Two handles are key for lifting your dog over obstacles or for entry through windows.

-4000Lbs steel D rings at the front and back give multiple lead attachment points and can be used together for fast rope insertion.

-Loop "Velcro" runs along each side for patches and attachments of hook backed cyalume holders.

-A high visibility reflective strip along each side.

-Elastic loops at the rear allows cyalumes to be attached.

-2x 50mm polymer GT cobra buckles for the shoulder straps and 4x 38mm polymer GT cobra buckles for the body straps. Each buckle has an individual 200KG breaking strength.


Breast panel-

-Comes in two sizes a small and a standard.

-The small is sized for 20KG

-The standard is 21KG plus.

-50mm wide shoulder straps for comfort, these are wrapped in a neoprene sleeve.

-38mm body straps, 38mm is used as not to be to bulky around the rib area. These are also wrapped in neoprene sleeves.


Spacer mesh is used throughout on any part that will be in contact with the dogs fur. The main colour is red with brown neoprene used on the sleeves.


(pictured is the black version of the harness)

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