Multicam Social Confidence Mask

Multicam Social Confidence Mask

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Multicam social distance masks 

  • One size
  • Machine washable
  • Extremely durable
  • Made from a 50/50 mix of nylon and cotton cordura
  • Rip stop weave to increase tear strength
  • Genuine multicam materials made in the USA
  • Metal nose wire sewn in for a snug fit
  • U.K. woven black elastic ear loops
  • 2 multicam layer design allows for a filter layer to be inserted inside
  • Bonded nylon thread used for strength
  • Each mask comes individually wrapped to maintain hygiene through shipping
  • 3 colour options Multicam original, Arid and multicam black
  • Made under strict hygiene standards with staff wearing PPE making sure that the first un-gloved hand to touch your mask is yours!


*This is a confidence mask, not medical grade and shouldn't be used as PPE in a commercial enviroment.