Multicam Original Shooter Belt

Multicam Original Shooter Belt

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Here we have the low profile shooters belt. 

It's a carriage system comprising of 2 belts. The first being an inner trouser belt with Velcro on the outside and the second being the Multicam outer belt with a Velcro liner. 


So the way it works is you put on your inner trouser belt and then your outer belt (with your pistol, spare mags ect attached) is put on over the inner trouser belt and fastened. This creates almost a seamless connection between you and your kit. No more bouncing around of loosely fitted magazine pouches!! 


50mm width. 

Velcro on the inner and outer belts. 

Multicam outer belt. 

Mollie loops at the top and bottom of the outer belt. 

Austrialpin cobra buckle

18 Columns

2 rows

Elastic keeper for the excess strap