£23.99 GBR

 FRV Tailoring IFAK- 


This is a true IFAK, some marketed IFAK's don't hold the required amounts of med kit to warrant the term IFAK's. They are more of a trauma kit pouch, our IFAK can hold a lot!! In line with the most current SOP's this IFAk can hold the following:


2X Emergency care bandages (FFD in old money)

2X chest seals

2 fentanyl

1 pen or sharpie marker

1 set of tough cuts

(Celox not integrated as current sop's spread kit out over the person. The above packing list can be chopped and changed to include Celox and remove TQ's or FFD's depending on SOP's)

-500/600D material used throughout

-2 rows of Molle on the left and right for extra pouches

-Hook and loop lid retention

-Molle Backed

-176g in weight

-Red webbing for lid and pull out tray. (for ease while wearing gloves)

-Included pull out tray for the maximum organisation of kit and quick access!


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