Helix Telescopic 4.5m Carbon Pole With Adapter

£1,800 GBR

Helix Telescopic Carbon Pole


The Helix Tactical telescopic carbon poles are designed for urban and maritime tactical operations, where operators need to easily reach inaccessible areas under extreme conditions. Made from 3K carbon fibre, these poles are lightweight, extremely compact, quiet and smooth - all features which are essential when carrying out covert vertical access operations.

When used in conjunction with compatible hooks and flexible fabric or wire ladders these provide units with the ability to avoid ground floor entry points using a system that is easily carried and quick to deploy with minimal training burden.

The 4.5m pole system has been designed to allow access to first floor access points and the 8.5m system will reach second floor windows, balconies and terraces.

For VBSS and ship boarding the poles can be used in both dive operations and from RHIB’s.

The poles come with an adapter that makes them compatible with a wide range of hooks including those from REBS, Yates and DMM – in fact any tactical hook that has a either a PIGG attachment or an attachment system using 4-5mm rods. The adapter features a unique (Patent Pending) conical internal bore which makes “fishing” to recover the hook much easier and faster.

The telescopic poles have been designed to be as user friendly as possible - the pole clamps allow the user to adjust the clamping force quickly and without tools whilst all the components – clamps and tubes - can be replaced individually if damaged.

The pole can be purchased either individually or as a complete system which includes a flexible tactical ladder, carabiners and hook.

The 8.5m pole also works very efficiently with the Highnovate Mini Bella and this combination makes operation in tricky conditions – high winds or rough seas – much easier.

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