FRV Tailoring Utility straps

£1.99 GBR

Exactly the same as the British issued strap.


1 meter in length

Comes in 6 different colours

Black with a black ladderloc 

Grey with a black ladderloc

Green with a tan ladderloc

Coyote brown with a tan ladderloc 

MTP with a tan ladderloc 

Multicam with a tan ladderloc

All webbing used is military grade and is IRR. The plastic ladderloc are all made by nexus and are also military grade. 


The uses are absolutely endless, from securing webbing pouches to attaching mortar kit to the outside of your Bergen. It can also be used to treat a casualty by fationing a makeshift sling or when applying a splint to a leg ect.. 

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