FRV Tailoring Multicam Operators Belt

£99.99 GBR

The operators belt like most things made here at Frv tailoring was born out of a users needs. The belt its self consists of a standard duty belt with a single material panel sewn directly to the belt, onto which is sewn the elastic.

It comes with an option of 2 different buckle colours and 4 standardised sizes but custom sizes are available on request (free of charge). The elastic used is 5" high and is sewn along the bottom edge to keep any dust etc away from the top rounds. The pistol mag slip is also ideal for a torch and also for carrying a mini flare pen. Both pistol, rifle and the cash slip are sewn so the the contents stay put when needed and but the elastic enables you to have quick access when required with a sharp tug.

The layout of the belt consists of pistol mag slips to the far left followed by rifle slips and an optional cash/passport slip can be added on the right.

We are starting this item as a standard belt layout as pictured (2 pistol mags and 4 rifle mags) but any combination of pistol and rifle slips are available on request.

The image also shows Molle loops sewn from where the elastic finishes around the belt, this is also a customisation option.


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