MTP shooters belt

MTP shooters belt

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The shooters belt is actually 2 belts.

The first being an inner trouser belt with Velcro hook on the outside and the second being an outer belt with Velcro loop on its inner face.

So the way it works is you put on your inner trouser belt like you would any normal belt. Then your outer belt (with your pistol, spare mags ect attached) is put on over the inner belt and fastened with the cobra buckle. This creates almost a seamless connection between you and your kit. No more bouncing around of loosely fitted magazine pouches!!

It is sized to the users waist size. So if your a 32 for example, get the 32" belt. This allows for warm clothing layers.
The belt is 50mm/2" width.
7" of adjustment in the belt.
It has an inner belt made of 1 layer of webbing with Velcro hook on the outside.
Black or coyote brown Velcro is used throughout the inner and outer belts.
A double layer of MTP webbing is used on the outer belt for rigidity.
Molle loops run along the top and bottom of the outer belt which fit any molle or palls attachable pouches or holsters.
Austrialpin cobra buckle rated to 18KN
The outer has between 18 and 24 Columns size dependant.