1.75" Dog Collar

£39.99 GBR

This dog collar is made from 1.75" riggers webbing and the buckle is a Austrialpin cobra buckle rated to 18KN.

The webbing itself is soft around the edges so not to cause any discomfort and the tail end of the webbing is secured with a strip of Velcro. 

The D ring is sewn with freedom to move thus reducing the likelihood of it causing any discomfort or injury in a fall for instance. (All Multicam collars will come with an integral d ring in the buckle) 


  • X SMALL. NECK: 8-12" (20-30cm)
  • SMALL. NECK: 10-14" (25-35cm)
  • MEDIUM. NECK: 14-20" (35-50cm)
  • LARGE. NECK: 18-30" (45-76cm)

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