DMM Wallnuts Various Tactical Colours

£4.60 GBR £7.43 GBR
The brilliant Wallnut gives secure placements even in difficult situations and their quality means that they will do this time after time, route after route.
Wallnuts instil confidence meaning you can concentrate on your climbing.  Their complex 3D shade is curved and scalloped to allow a variety of placement options and bite points...they just work really well. The alloy nut itself is held on a fully swaged extremely strong and durable wire that is stiff enough to aid placement yet flexible enough not to dislodge the nut when climbing.
Sold in sets of 1-6, 7-11, 1-11 and also as individuals.
Size Weight Strength
Wallnut 1 15g 7/4kn
Wallnut 2 26g 9kn
Wallnut 3 28g 11kn
Wallnut 4 30g 12kn
Wallnut 5 32g 12kn
Wallnut 6 39g 12kn
Wallnut 7 40g 12kn
Wallnut 8 45g 12kn
Wallnut 9 50g 12kn
Wallnut 10 56g 12kn
Wallnut 11 68g 12kn

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