DMM PerfectO Screw Gate Carabiner

£14.49 GBR

The PerfectO is a compact true oval carabiner that maintains ease of use, even one-handed. Its shape provides effective centring of loads and the fully rounded rope bearing areas increase carabiner and rope longevity. A keylock nose allows snag-free operation.

Manufactured in Tactical colours it is suited to Military and Tactical climbing operations in both Mountain and Urban environments.



Screw gate option-

MBS (Major Axis): 24kN
MBS (Minor Axis): 7kN
MBS (Gate Open): 7kN
Dimensions: 56 x 95mm
Weight: 66g
Gate Opening (X): 15mm
Conformance: EN12275:2013, EN362:2004
Captive bar option
MBS (Major Axis): 24kN
MBS (Minor Axis): 7kN
MBS (Gate Open): 7kN
Dimensions: 56 x 95mm
Weight: 62g
Gate Opening (X): 16mm
Conformance: EN12275:2013, EN362:2004

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