DMM Alpha

DMM Alpha light Carabiner

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 Its I-Beam construction makes this carabiner surprisingly light for how strong it is, and a clean nose covers the wire gate for snag-free unclipping. A deep rope basket keeps the rope oriented in the biner's ideal spot, and a grippy spine helps you clip efficiently and effectively so you can climb on without a worry.

  • I-Beam construction
  • Full-size wire gate with clean nose
  • Deep rope basket
  • Grippy spine

Widely respected in the world of trad climbing, the designers at DMM topped themselves once again when they created the Alpha Wire Carabiner. At just 34 grams and with a minor-axis strength of 7 kN, the Alpha Wire is both ultralight and strong. In typical over-engineering fashion, the folks at DMM ensured that this biner has an open-gate strength rating of 9 kN but also preserved a generous 27 millimetres of gate clearance for easy clipping, cleaning, and racking.