DMM Rock Climbing Black Sling 8mm
DMM Black Rock Climbing Sling 8mm
DMM Black Rock Climbing Sling 8mm

DMM 8MM Dynatec Slings

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These thin 8mm Dynatec slings are just as strong as their thicker variants. They can be used for narrow thread protection and to generally reduce weight.
Black Dynatec slings are not commonly available because it doesn't take dyes well, but this webbing uses fibers which are individually coated to produce dark webbing with a durable colour. Dynatec slings have more or less replaced Nylon slings. due to them having a higher strength to weight ratio, smaller pack size, less water absorption (important in winter) and a higher resistance to cutting.
60cm, 120cm, 240cm, 400cm 
EN 566:2006
DMM Black Rock Climbing Sling 8mm