Cover Operators Belt With A Polymer Cobra Buckle
Black Polymer Cobra Buckle
Black Polymer Cobra Buckle

Covert Operators Belt

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The Covert operators' Belt, like most things made here at FRV Tailoring, was born out of a user's needs. The belt its self consists of a 38mm black polymer duty belt onto which is sewn the elastic pouches. The belt is made of supple webbing with a soft elastic used for the pouches for comfort while being worn.

It comes in 8 standardised sizes but custom sizes are available on request (free of charge). The elastic used is 5" high and is sewn along the bottom edge to keep any dust etc away from the top rounds. The belt was designed initially to carry 4 MP7 magazines and a personal radio, with the addition of 2 med sleeves for a cat 7 and an FFD. The contents of the pouches stay put when needed, but the elastic enables you to have quick access when required with a sharp tug.

The layout of the belt consists of 4X MP7 mag slips to the far left followed by a radio. Then 2 of our medical sleeves, these are removable if needed.

Black Polymer Cobra Buckle