Frv Tailoring Multicam 5.56mm Elastic Pouch

£19.99 GBR £24.99 GBR

The 5.56mm elastic pouch uses the best materials to provide the maximum performance with no compromise on quality. Designed for speed but without risking magazine security, these pouches lay flat when not in use but are firm when a magazine is inserted. They fit all 5.56mm Pmags and the old school metal ones too. If not being used for ammunition though these pouches have multiple other uses from holding Air-wave radios, flash bangs to small slate cards. At just 36 grams for the single, these are some of the lightest pouches on the market today.


-Molle backed

-36 Grams (single)

-Genuine Multicam

-Multiple uses

-3 configurations Single, Double and triple

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