Medical Sleeve

£5.99 GBR

Our medical sleeve is ideally suited for tourniquets, emergency care bandages and other items such as Celox.

When they are packed out they will also fit a laminated Mistat card between the dressing and the belt.

 Inside the sleeve there is a strip of Velcro that corasponds with our belts to stop the sleeve moving on the belt. This also aids in removing a tourniquet or dressing in a hurry.

 They are very robust and will keep a vital piece of kit very secure in a very handy place.

These are being used by deployed troops all over the world, with most current SOP’s 2 sleeves will allow you to not have a half empty Med pouch on your belt.


(The 2nd picture is of an FRV shooters belt setup with our trial double pistol mag pouch, an issued osprey pistol mag pouch, 2 of our medical sleeves and the standard issue G17 pistol holster)

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