FRV Tailoring Medical Sleeve

£5.99 GBR

Our new medical sleeve is ideally suited for tourniquets, emergency care bandages and other items such as Celox.

When they are packed out they will also fit a laminated Mistat card between the dressing and the belt.


Inside the sleeve there is a strip of Velcro that corasponds with our belts to stop the sleeve moving on the belt. This also aids in removing a tourniquet or dressing in a hurry.


Made out of genuine multicam they are very robust and will keep a vital piece of kit very secure in a very handy place.


The first batch of these are already deployed out in Afghanistan and with the current SOP 2 sleeves will allow you to not have a Med pouch on your belt.


(The 3rd picture is of an FRV shooters belt setup with our trial double pistol mag pouch (coming in August), an issued osprey pistol mag pouch, 2 of our medical sleeves and the standard issue G17 pistol holster)

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