Deployment Organiser

£49.99 GBR

This deployment organiser is a must have for any operation or exercise where you are working out of buildings or a FOB.

It enables you to pack your kit before, keep it organised on the move, weather it's used as a stand alone bag or placed in a duffel and when you get to where your going, put it up somewhere and your sorted.

Made from cordura and also utilising milspec Velcro and webbing. Made to the highest specification using the same stitch method as our shooters belts. This can be hung from tent poles inside a 12 x 12, bunk beds / anything you can put a webbing strap round. 

Dimensions unrolled: 140cm x 40cm x 5cm 

Dimensions rolled: 40cm x 40cm x 30cm 

From top down: 

  1. 2 x secure pouches to store personal items that you dont want be on show
  2. 1 x flat pouch (sized for a wash kit for extended periods of time) 
  3. 1 x 22 ltr open pouches 
  4. 1 x 22 ltr open pouches 
  5. 1 x 22 ltr open pouches 
  6. 2 x 110cm long webbing securing straps 


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