Casualty Drag Strap

£4.99 GBR

This strap is designed to go across the back of a casualty, your hand and someone else's hand fit through each side of the strap and the casualty can be lifted.

(Persons size dependant) It's sized so your hand is in the armpit area so when dragging the casualty. All of your forward momentum is transferred to the casualty and not absorbed by the strap like it would on a stretcher. If you place your hand through the strap and wrap it behind your wrist there shouldn't be any need for you to grip tightly onto the strap like you would again have to do on a stretcher.


  • 25mm width
  • Approximate braking strength 200KG
  • No energy loss through the strap
  • 50 plus stitch count
  • 12 colour options

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